A visit to the University library

Everyone in International Baccalauretate year 2 went to the University library in Gothenburg to find materials for their extended essays.

- I thought that the visit would be very long and tedious but I had a lot of fun and found a lot of useful articles, says Isabelle Henningsson, student at the IB-programme. The librarians were very kind and one of them held a quick lecture for us, she gave us lots of tips and information about how to find what you need at Göteborgs universitetsbibliotek. She and the other librarians also helped all of us get a library card.

- For my Extended Essay I'm writing about patriarchy in marriage in The Yellow Wallpaper, Linnéa continues. This is a very specific topic and area in the book so the advanced searchmotor that University library offered was amazing. And its big collection of books, articles, etc made it almost impossible to not find something relevant.